Caerphilly Ladies vs Newport City Women - SWFC Woman’s cup

November 7, 2022

The second round of the SWFC Woman’s cup our Caerphilly played Newport City.

In the first half Caerphilly Castle kept their discipline and prevailed as Courtney capitalised on a cross by Lauren and was the quickest player to react as she headed the ball home. Caerphilly created more chances but was couldn't capitilise on their opportunities with a few shots just wide of the posts. This did not dampen Caerphilly’s spirit as they kept their 1-0 lead until the half time whistle blew.

The weather started to take it's toll on Caerphilly Castle as Newport capitilised on the weather and applied pressure, resulting in a goal. The rain eased off and Caerphilly gained momentum, pushing up the pitch, a quick thinking pass from Lauren set Alisha up with a first time shot from outside the box, making it 2-1. The heavens opened up on our ladies and they powered through, but unfortunately Newport City managed to break through and scored making it 2-2.

On one of the harshest home games so far both sets of players brave the weather. The game ended 2-2 in normal time, but Caerphilly was victorious in a penalty shootout winning 7-6.

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