Match Report: Caerphilly v Newport City FC

August 9, 2022

A new season with new expectations, Caerphilly looked eager to impress first the first game of the season in the SWWGL. 

Newport City started strong, a well organised team held possession of the ball for the opening minutes of the game. Caerphilly looked frantic and un-organised at the back as they struggled to find shape within the middle of the pitch. Newport looked strong and played the ball through the middle which resulted in Doswell beating the Caerphilly keeper by chipping the ball over the top. 

A strong start meant that Newport took control for the next couple of minutes. Long goalkeeper kicks threathened the Caerphilly defence, the ball over the top tactic testing the players. 

Both teams re-grouped at the water break, a team talk looked to boost the players moral. Caerphilly came out strong, looking to make a break. However they couldn't break through the Newport defence and had to settle with a 1-0 scoreline at half-time. 

Caerphilly stood shocked after a speedy goal from Newport’s Cridland shortly after the start of the second half, but immediately retaliated with a thrilling attack resulting in a foul on Caerphilly on the edge of the box. A free kick by Bartlett won Caerphilly a goal and a chance to redeem themselves at 61 minutes. 

Newport City looked fustrated and comitted a series of fouls which resulted in 3 yellow cards. The last period of the game resulted in a strong Caerphilly side looking to capitilise on the mistakes of the away team, yet Newport looked strong and Caerphilly failed to score. However, Caerphilly's resillience resulted in a breakthrough from Williams resulted in an equaliser by Barlett. 

Despite Caerphilly’s effort, their improved performance for the last quarter was behind time, leaving them with a draw and a fair resolution to sure up some areas for the next game of the season. 


Claire Barlett

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