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Match Report: Caerphilly Vs Llanelli

September 5, 2022

a major blow to a promising start to the season.

Llanelli started competitively with a goal by Hallahan at 3 minutes. 

Caerphilly stepped up after the initial shock of the first goal, playing more refined football to hold off Llanelli until 45 minutes when Hallahan scored a second goal. 

Half time was a regroup for Caerphilly, some faith restored as they smoothed out some tactics and looked to attack more in the second half.

As the game progressed, some heavy rain added to the technical challenge for both teams, but was managed skill fully and the ball was brought back under control.  Llanelli’s Breddy scored a 3rd at 62 minutes, which would be the last of the game and secure a 3-0 win for Llanelli. Both sides showed a great technical and tactical ability, an exciting first meet this season before a few dozen fans and yet another fantastic display of competitive women’s football. 

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