Match Report: Caerphilly Vs. Tonyrefail

September 25, 2022

A highly anticipated match between Tonyrefail Welfare and Caerphilly Castle drew a small crowd and enough atmosphere to match an excellent display of talent.

Both teams created exciting chances but their attacks were met with defense in equal measure. At 30 minutes, Tonyrefail's Richelle Jones took her team into the lead with a well placed free kick over the wall and into the net.

Not long after, a foul on Newport resulted in a red card for Caerphilly and the rest of the match was a 10 vs 11 clash, even more reason to work hard for Caerphilly who didn't stop looking for a goal of their own.

The competitive spirit of both teams lasted until the final whistle with plenty of goal efforts and impressive defending in between, the scoreline not shifting though and the match ended 1-0 to Tonyrefail.

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